Special importer for Oliven

Special importer for Oliven

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OlivenYou can get olives in different calibers, packed as required in glass, tin or tun for further converting.

Our cold condensed olive oils from first pressing process are extra virgine and have a very low acid content between 0,2 % and maximally 0,5 %.

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olivenast Organic olives
Organic olive oil
Olive oil
Olive paste
Stoneless olives
Filled olives


Natural growing area

olivenbaumThe olive tree grows in all areas around the Mediterranean and also partially around the Black Sea, which don´t have extreme climatic terms. It can bare heat, but suffers a bit under frost in cold winters. This threatens not only the harvest in single years, but also the existance of whole plantages. it is classified as a characteristic plant of the Mediterranean flora and accounts the areas it thrives in for areas with Mediterranean climate. One has always tried to extand the olive tree´s growing area to the north and in more harsh areas. These sometimes over decades or even centuries effective tries eventually failed, the last time in February 1956, as a cold snap from east Europe destroyed millions of olive trees in southern France, Italy and Spain. Since the modern colonization the olive tree is also grown in analogical climates of North- and South America, in Australia , South Africa and Japan. All growing areas of the olive tree lay between the 30. degree North and the 45. degree South except for some altitudes more close to the equator, for example in Peru, where it was brought by the Spanish conquerers in the 16th century. From there it got over Mexico to California and Hawaii.


olivenhainThe olive stones get spread by birds which eat the fruits. However cultivated olive trees mostly get accreted by cuttings ( so the emerging plants are genetically identical (see cloning ), so that the seedlings have all the good features of the stock plant, but are also as prone to afflictions and pests as it is.)


olivenernteOften it takes seven years untill the seedling yields. Depending on the area the harvesting begins in mid-October and partially happens until march. Those who come to Calabria, will again and again see red areas from afar; these are fine nets, that cover the ground to collect the olives. In Sicily for example, the nets get displaced from time to time, because they traditionally get picked by hand or with a sort of comb and don´t wait until the olives fall to the ground.

In Greece one also uses nets to collect the olives which fell down or were cut down. After the harvest the nets get folded and left close to the tree until they get ausgelegt. Electrically driven rotating "chip helpers" are common there.

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